Power Solutions for All Commercial Spaces in Greater Seattle


Make the Most of Your Space

The appearance of your retail, business or commercial space matters. Disheveled products, drab colors and dreary lighting affect customer’s perceptions of your business and can repel potential visitors. Moreover, the physical environment of your workspace influences employee morale, culture, and productivity.

That is why we specialize in innovative and premium lighting solutions. Our team designs, installs and maintains your lighting and electrical features as well as offering troubleshooting and repairs to your existing grids.

Bring Your Ideas to Life

Imagine your commercial kitchen with pinpoint beams illuminating countertops and stoves. Or your retail location with lights that add dimension, movement and attractiveness to a product selection. Or how your life would be easier with a reliable, new control system for your existing power features.

Whether you are looking to pursue a large project or small improvements, the experts at UPTech have the experience and skills to make your concept a reality.

Choose the Right Service

Our team specializes in the following work to add value and efficiency to your property:

  • Advanced lighting systems design, installation and repairs
  • Tennant improvements
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Interior and exterior lighting
  • Landscape power solutions and lighting
  • Underground power installation and repairs
  • Advanced control systems and troubleshooting
  • Service calls
  • Generator, UPS and battery systems
  • Inspections and consultation services

Underground Power Installations

Our electricians have the unique background and experience needed to move your power lines underground, out of sight and out of the way. We do new construction as well as modernization projects for existing structures and manage all aspects of installation including design, bidding, site preparation, load calculations, equipment sizing, control systems, labor and more.

Find Our More

We are ready for your call. We can help you think through your options or provide friendly advice. Whether you need suggestions, a free quote or just want to discuss your ideas with a professional, we are always happy to help. Put us to work for you today.